Hot Water Systems

No more shivering in the shower or the bathtub. Knee Deep Plumbing & Gasfitting supply and install a vast range of hot water units and we are available for service and repair requirements. Choose among gas, electric or solar heated units.

It can be a confusing choice to make when looking for a new hot water system. There are a large variety of systems on the market and it can be difficult to know which system is the right one for your household and family needs and office or business requirements.  There is a Choice Buying Guide that you may find useful or we are happy to advise you on your particular needs.

Gas Systems

You can choose between a storage system or an instantaneous unit.

Storage systems come in a range of sizes and we can help you to choose the right unit to suit your needs. A storage system is generally a large tank that holds a particular amount of water (for example, a 135 unit holds 135L of water).

Instantaneous units are like a small box that are usually attached to an outside wall. They come in different sizes ranging from 10L output per minute up to a 32L output per minute.

Knee Deep Plumbing & Gasfitting uses and recommends a number of different brands:

If you do not already have a gas system to your house but either have gas to the property or gas to your street, we can always exchange your existing unit to a gas system. Please call us for an obligation free quote if this is something you require or have any queries about.

Alternately if you have a storage system and would like to convert to an instantaneous or vice versa we can most certainly help and advise you in this area. Contact us.

Electric Systems

Again you can choose from an instantaneous system or a storage unit.

Storage units range from 25L capacity to 250L for most domestic situations.

Instantaneous systems are available but are only recommended for replacement of current existing instantaneous units or for office buildings.

Solar Systems – Gas and Electric Boosted

Solar systems are an energy efficient and cost effective way to run your homes hot water requirements. Conversion from an existing system is not the especially daunting task people see it as. It does involve installing a new tank and also the collectors on your roof.

The Australian Federal Government are still rebating customers who swap their existing tanks or systems to new solar systems. The West Australian State Government complement this by providing an additional State rebate on top of the Federal rebate. Please see the Dux rebate website to calculate your approximate rebate.

There is a Choice Buying Guide that you may find useful or we are happy to advise you on your particular needs.

Electric Units

There are 3 different size electric boosted solar options in the Dux Sunpro range and all come with 2 collectors for you roof:

  • 250L
  • 315L
  • 400L

There is also the option of the Dux Airoheat electric unit which does not require collectors to be installed on your roof.

Gas Units

Gas solar units give you the option of 4 different sizes in the Dux Sunpro range and again all come with 2 collectors for your roof:

  • 170L
  • 250L
  • 315L
  • 400L

We use and recommend Dux solar systems.

We do not install or service Solar Hart solar systems.

Contact us today for any hot water system enquiries.