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Dental Fitouts

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We have a fleet of vehicles and highly skilled and experienced tradesmen that are licensed to carry out all your dental plumbing requirements, including:

  • Dental practice set up and refurbishments

  • Customised plumbing solutions

  • Tailored filtration systems

  • Future proofing services

  • Backflow prevention and protection

  • Reverse osmosis solutions

  • Preventative maintenance solutions

  • Maintenance and servicing for all dental plumbing needs

  • Emergency call outs

Our qualified plumbers are experienced in dental and medical practice installations and refurbishments.

Having worked extensively in Perth and dealt with Perth water quality issues (specifically high total dissolved solids (TDS)), we have worked closely with dental practitioners and manufacturers to optimise installation design of water filtration systems and reverse osmosis (RO) systems in order to deliver required water quality in dental practices, specifically for autoclaves.

We have worked closely with medical gas suppliers and installed reticulated gas systems in dental and medical practices, including oxygen, nitrous oxide and helium as well as scavenging systems for disposal of unused gases.

We encourage our dental and medical clients to involve us early at the design stage as we can often deliver considerable value and savings with our suggestions working closely in conjunction with designers, architects and builders.

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